Hedges - From Ornamental Box to Overgrown Hawthorn, we can cope with it all.

Thinning - A useful operation when the canopy is very dense- removal is typically up to 20% of the density.
this results in the tree retaining it's natural shape and size but allows light to penetrate creating a lovely 'mottled' shape.
Very useful if there is concern about the tree being blown over in high winds.

Reducing - Creating a smaller tree or shrub which is in shape and balance. Typically, reductions are 20% - 30% of canopy size, however, subject to the tree species, larger reductions can be carried out. Speak to Adrian or Peter for details.

Crown Lifting - Pretty much as it suggests, removing the lower branches creating a smaller canopy but from underneath. An excellent way of allowing more light to gardens, patios and windows.

Section Felling - The removal of the tree in manageable sized sections - most used when there are delicate, breakable or damageable objects and structures under the tree. Also used in conjunction with rope lowering systems for that extra peace of mind!

Dead-Wooding - No surprises here ! removal of dead and damaged branches that may cause accident damage or injury should they fall off. A general routine element of tree management.

Planting - We can plant anything from 'whips' to 'standards'. Whips are small young trees usually under 3yrs old, standards can be up to 15yrs old. Planting comes with all the necessary protections from spiral guards and tubes to purpose built fences and cages. Feel free to discuss your planting needs with us. We can plant from single trees to single forests !!

Recycling - Here at Carvells we try to recycle as much of the waste as is humanly possible.

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